Facts and figures about me

(no, not my weight ????)

  1. I was born in 1974, the year of the tiger in the Chinese horoscope and the year when U.S. president Richard Nixon resigned following the Watergate scandal.
  2. I was diagnosed with MS in 2000 when I was 26 years old. I had just finished graduate school.
  3. I first learned that I might have MS from an ophthalmologist in the U.S. right after I graduated from graduate school. He told me not to worry and that it wasn’t a big deal. This is still engrained in me today.
  4. After graduating from a German high school (Abitur), I moved to Paris to study international relations at the American University of Paris (AUP).
  5. After three semesters at AUP, I did a semester abroad at American University (AU) in Washington, D.C. I loved AU and D.C. and transferred there.
  6. My dad is Palestinian, my mom is German.
  7. I have four children, two boys and two girls.
  8. One of my biggest passions is reading, but I rarely have time to read these days.
  9. I am a night owl, not an early bird.
  10. I love to cook.
  11. I love creative work.
  12. I love being around people.
  13. I love to travel.
  14. We renovated our home with sustainable and green building materials.
  15. When I worked for the UN, I traveled to countries like Tajikistan and Angola, places that I might never have gotten to know as a tourist.

This list will irregularly be updated ????

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