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How we ended up in Northern Ireland

So here we are. After months, even years, of looking for the right place to spend my six-month-sabbatical with the kids, we ended up in Holywood, Northern Ireland. ‘Northern Ireland?’, you might ask. At least that is what everyone has asked me so far. I want to be honest. Northern Ireland was not on our […]

Things to consider when you want to camp with MS

We are currently on vacation at the Côte d‘Azur.  We, that is Ursula, me, and all four kids. We‘re camping. The internet tells me that our accommodation is called a folding caravan, but that doesn’t seem correct. When I do a picture search, most of what comes up looks different. I think tent on wheels […]

Why I don’t like the term MS warrior

Have you heard about MS warriors? It’s a term that many use to empower themselves or others who have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I think the aim of calling oneself MS warrior is to change perspectives: from feeling like a victim (“poor me”, “this has happened to me”, “I am powerless”) to taking matters […]

Facts and figures about me

(no, not my weight ????) I was born in 1974, the year of the tiger in the Chinese horoscope and the year when U.S. president Richard Nixon resigned following the Watergate scandal. I was diagnosed with MS in 2000 when I was 26 years old. I had just finished graduate school. I first learned that […]

12 von 12 im Juni 2022

Es ist wieder soweit: 12 von 12! So ein tolles Format, und es ist so viel einfacher, daran zu denken, wenn der 12. auf ein Wochenende fällt ???? Kennst du 12 von 12? Am 12. eines Monats dokumentieren Blogger ihren Tag in Bildern, und bei Caro von Draußen nur Kännchen verlinken ganz viele von ihnen […]

12 of 12: March 2022

12 of 12 in March 2022 It’s the 12th of the month again, so it’s time for 12 pictures from today! Well, that was my Saturday. I’d love to know: What did you do on March 12, 2022? Bonus photo: I realized that there are no selfies in this 12 of 12! So I took […]

Multiple sclerosis and Epstein-Barr virus

Have you heard? A new Harvard study finds a strong link between Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), the virus that causes mononucleosis, and multiple sclerosis (MS). Presumably, EBV is a major cause of MS. The Harvard press release says: „Multiple sclerosis (MS), a progressive disease that affects 2.8 million people worldwide and for which there is no […]

Meine 12 von 12 im Januar 2022

Der 12. diesen Monats ist ein Mittwoch. Der vollste Tag der Woche. Tatsächlich habe ich mich erst gegen 15.30 Uhr im Auto auf dem Rückweg von der Schule erschrocken daran erinnert, dass der 12. ist und ich ja 12 von 12 blogge ! Aber wie mein Tag dann noch war siehst du hier ???? Das […]

Mein Motto für 2022: Let the fun begin!

Warum dieses Motto? Es ist Zeit, oder? In den letzten beiden Jahren haben sich meine Prioritäten, Ziele, Wünsche, usw. stark verändert. Was vor der Pandemie mein Go-go-go-Lifestyle-Automatismus war – mit Familie immer 100 Bälle in der Luft und dazu noch immer ein Ziel im Blick – verwandelte sich in 2020 durch den radikalen Bruch, den […]