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About me

It’s been more than twenty years since I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. When I got the diagnosis in May 2000, I was in shock. Over the following years, I went through all the stages: denial and secrecy („What if I lose my job?“ „What will others think if they find out I have a chronic disease?“), the conviction that MS will disappear if I just figure out the one cause (I still read promises like this A LOT, and no, it’s not true), radical dietary changes that I thought were THE single solution (changes in diet helped me feel better, but they weren’t enough and, and it was difficult to keep up the strict diet with four kids and a full-time job), taking lots of supplements as THE single solution (I took so many they made me sick), etc., etc.

I’ve always wanted a large family and didn’t let MS keep me from pursuing that goal. I have four children, two of whom I gave birth to, and I’m always wondering how I can add more people to the family ????

After a serious MS relapse in 2018, I made a lot of changes to my lifestyle, but when the Covid pandemic came around and my whole life was turned upside down, many of the good habits I had established went down the drain.

I stepped back and analyzed my situation. I realized that none of the changes I had made were engrained deeply enough to carry me through the ups and downs of my life. Subconsciously, I had still been looking for the magic pill, the one thing that would turn everything around. But I became very aware that I had been living with MS for twenty years and that there were no more valid excuses not to take full care of my health and well-being. I’m not going to get any younger, and it won’t be getting easier. I want to live a full life, and I still want to be here for myself and my family in twenty or forty years, strong and as healthy as possible.

So since then, I have been assessing every aspect of my life, and I now make choices that come from deep inside me. I no longer take action against MS. I listen to my body as best I can and lovingly address its needs.

Does that guarantee that I will be well in forty years? Of course not. But I am willing to make profound changes in all areas of my life: Away from self-sabotage and towards healing whatever needs to be healed.

Unshakable confidence guides my way forward.

My vision

My vision is that moms with chronic illnesses live a radiant life: bright, fulfilled, and free.

It’s all about YOU. Your personal development as a woman and as a mom will make you happier, and it will improve the relationships in your family. And that, although you might not believe it, will change society. That’s the wonderful side effect ????

This is my heart’s vision, and I am very excited to walk this path together with you.

I know how difficult it often is for us moms to find time to do something for our health and personal development. Our everyday lives are BUSY! It often seems impossible to take care of ourselves when there are so many needs to be met, so many tasks to be done. We have children, possibly a job, a household, maybe a garden, and there are all the other things that life brings with it. We are tired! We have a chronic illness, after all, and that takes its toll on us.

This is why I founded self-care MS. I so want moms with chronic illnesses, who may even, like me, have physical challenges, to find their center and confidently navigate the storms of their lives.

If we are many, many mamas who learn to let our lives shine, we will bring healing and peace to the world. For us, for our families, and for the future.

I hope that here at Mom with MS, you will find inspiration and tips for your fulfilled and happy life.

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