12 of 12: March 2022


12 of 12 in March 2022

It’s the 12th of the month again, so it’s time for 12 pictures from today!

First things first: Today is Saturday, so I’m washing my sheets ????

I’m not happy if I don’t start my day with coffee
My Dad is writing his memoir – well sort of, it is a novel, but it’s based on his life. I’m helping him by editing it ???? In between I passively participated in a newsletter workshop in The Content Society, an amazing, year-long blogging course I am a member of.
copper pot, fantasy self
My fantasy self was at work again! I follow these amazing accounts on Instagram, where they only use copper pots, and I so wanted to exchange all my stainless-steel pots for copper pots! Turns out it is too complicated for me. I only used this one today because my other small pot was dirty. The copper pots get hot too soon for my brain to understand I shouldn’t touch them with my bare hands, you have to be really careful which tools you use to stir in them and how to heat them up. Unfortunately, I bought three more that I would have to restore myself

My lunch. I gained about 20 lbs in the two years of the pandemic, and it doesn’t feel good. So I‘m currently really watching my carb and fat intake.
cat on bed
Well, my old cat likes the bed without sheets

My youngest daughter’s favorite activity is painting her face (and others’ faces, too!)
yoga bolster
I am doing a restorative yoga training. Restorative yoga requires a lot of props, so I ordered a new bolster. It arrived today, just in time for class ????
remains of chicken thighs
My kids had chicken thighs for dinner. That’s what was left. It smelled sooooo good!! I’m hungry! Lol
Restorative yoga Zoom training
The restorative yoga level 01 training with Judith Hanson Lasater and Lizzy Lasater started promptly at 6.30p.m. I was filled with gratitude and felt completely at ease when it was over. It was an amazing 4 hours where I learned so much.
highway, Autobahn
After the training I drove to my boyfriend’s house. I usually spend every other Saturday night there. Today it was LATE, however!
Byron Katie
On the way to my boyfriend’s house I listened to the audiobook I’m currently enjoying. Byron Katie’s The Work is such an incredible tool.

Well, that was my Saturday. I’d love to know: What did you do on March 12, 2022?

Bonus photo: I realized that there are no selfies in this 12 of 12! So I took one today. My daughter had painted my face, too. I am a fawn, just in case you can’t tell ;-), and that’s how I walked around all day today.

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